Club Night

The monthly club exhibition enables you to share photos with other members of the club.  It is also one of the best the tools we have to provide you with the opportunity to improve photography related skills from the camera, in the digital darkroom and in appreciation of photography as art. 

Members are asked for their ideas and from these, we create the Schedule of topics.  These topics may be of things you would never normally shoot, they may require you to use a camera technique that is new or different, it may also include a favourite subject.  We hope you enjoy the challenge.  

We would like to acknowledge and thank Bunbury Camera House as our sponsor.  Members are entitled to a 25% discount on Prints for Club Night Exhibition (on presentation of approved member card)

If you would like to print a hard copy of the 2018 schedule so you can put it in you bag, glove box on your fridge or wherever it is handy you can access it from the link at the end of this paragraph.  It is sized to be a trifold A4 document and shoud be set to print double sided. The printable schedule also has the Club Night Exhibition Rules on it.

Click here for the 2018 printable schedule



NOTE: Topics may be colour or mono unless stated.

For more detailed definitions and discussion of the topics go to our Forum page under "Exhibition Topics" in the Index. 

Where there are two projected topics, please be aware of the naming convention for your uploaded images, as outlined on the reverse side of the Exhibition Schedule.

..25 January

  • Projected (Monochromatic only) – Emotion

An image where the subject conveys an emotion or evokes an emotional response by the viewer.

  • Print – Follow the Curve/s

Choose a curved line, or lines, for the eye to follow. Architecture, flora, fauna, you will find curves everywhere, limited only by your imagination. Wagin Interclub topic.

..22 February

  • Projected − Framed

An image where the main subject is enhanced by framing within the existing environment; natural or man-made. (Avoid the use of props to create the frame).

  • Print (Monochromatic only) – Monochromatic Portrait

A monochromatic portrait of an individual subject. Clickwest Topic.

..29 March

Please note the naming convention when there are two projected topics

  • Projected 1 – Forced Perspective

An image that grabs your attention by changing the size of an object, the location, or the context of the environment, through the use of perspective or optical illusion.

  • Projected 2 − Roadscapes

A view or perspective provided by a road or roads where the road is a key element of the image.

  • Print - Open

Any subject that is treated pictorially, embodying the elements of good design, arrangement or composition, which reflects the personal interpretation of the photographer.

..26 April

  • Projected – Kitchen - close up

Find the beauty and interest of everyday utensils or appliances found in your kitchen.

  • Print – Patterns in Nature

An image that depicts a pattern created by nature. (Man-made objects can be in the picture but not creating the pattern.)

..31 May

  • Projected − Shadows

   An image about shadows. The shadow or shadows must   provide significant visual impact. Albany Interclub topic.

  • Print (Colour only) - Intense Colour

   An artistic image portraying intense colour.

..28 June

  • Projected − Sports up close

A close up image about a sporting action, giving an impression of speed and movement.

(NOTE: For the print topics below a total of 3 prints may be submitted – 2 in one topic and 1 in the other)

  • Print 1 - Doors

An image of a door or doors symbolic of the environment in which it/they are found.

  • Print 2 - Out of Focus

A photo where the focus is manipulated, to put a significant part of the image out of focus, to enhance the pictorial aspects of the image. This may encourage you to rely more heavily than usual on other elements of photography such as composition and colour. You may take your image or subject a little out of focus or a lot, but you are looking to manipulate focus as opposed to blurring your image.

..26 July

  • Projected – Trees

   An image about trees, or a part of a tree, and the contribution they make to our communities.

  • Print – Odd Number

   The use of the ‘odd rule’ of composition. An image where the use of odd numbers creates a powerful composition.

..30 August

  • Projected − Architecture

   An image about a building that currently or in the past is or was intended for human occupation or use. It may be the interior or exterior or a small part of the building that displays architectural lines, angles or textures in a dramatic way.

  • Print − Reflected in Water

   An image where the subject appears predominantly reflected in water.

..27 September

Please note the naming convention when there are two projected topics

  • Projected 1 (Colour only) − Predominantly white

An image about a white subject in which the subject comprises significantly more than 50% of the image. There are many shades of 'white' and it is important not to blow out highlights and retain texture and detail.

  • Projected 2 - Occupations

An image depicting a person or persons, actively involved and engaged in their occupation.

  • Print − Seasons

An image that conveys the photographer’s feelings and visions of a particular season. For example, a photographer may despise the heat of summer so portrays this through showing a sunbaked scorched environment or they may love it and shows an inviting seascape).

..25 October (Please note our AGM will precede our regular club night activities this month)

  • Projected – Back lighting

The subject is to be backlit using natural and/or artificial light sources.

  • Print (Monochromatic Only) − Open

Any subject, treated pictorially, embodying the elements of good design, arrangement or composition. The print is to be toned in a monochromatic hue. (Not black and white).