Club Night

The monthly club exhibition enables you to share photos with other members of the club.  It is also one of the best the tools we have to provide you with the opportunity to improve photography related skills from the camera, in the digital darkroom and in appreciation of photography as art. 

Members are asked for their ideas and from these, we create the Schedule of topics.  These topics may be of things you would never normally shoot, they may require you to use a camera technique that is new or different, it may also include a favourite subject.  We hope you enjoy the challenge.  

We would like to acknowledge and thank Bunbury Camera House as our sponsor.  Members are entitled to a 25% discount on Prints for Club Night Exhibition (on presentation of approved member card)

If you would like to print a hard copy of the 2017 schedule so you can put it in you bag, glove box on your fridge or wherever it is handy you can access it from the link at the end of this paragraph.  It is sized to be a trifold A4 document and shoud be set to print double sided. The printable schedule also has the Club Night Exhibition Rules on it.

Click here for the printable schedule


25 January

  • Projected (Monochromatic only) – Abstract
    An image of anything in nature or man made in which the subject is not identifiable (playing with colour, light, shadows, textures, shapes, patterns and blur).
  • Print - “The end of …….”
    The end of anything. The words “the end of” must be used as part of the title of each print entered.  Wagin Interclub topic.


23 February

  • Projected - Macro / close-up
    A close-up or macro photo of any subject.  Click West theme
  • Print - The Things We Want
    An image which accurately, but attractively, shows a product or produce, for the purpose of making us want to own it.


30 March

  • Projected - Natural Portraiture
    Images taken using only natural light - no studio / flash or other light sources are to be used. This theme is an exercise is making the best of using sunlight to gain the best effect with exposure and creativity.  Click West theme.
  • Print 1 (Monochromatic only) - People on the Move
    An image of a person or people to convey the feeling of movement (a fast shutter speed to freeze the movement or a slow shutter speed to blur the movement.) 
  • Print 2 – Open
    The photographer’s choice of subject treated pictorially.      


27 April

  • Projected – Water
    Where the subject “Water” is a significant feature.
  • Print - Breaking the Rules
    Break photographic guidelines to add interest or impact to the image.


25 May

  • Projected  −  “Interaction
    An occasion when two or more PEOPLE, ANIMALS or OBJECTS communicate with, react to or have an effect on each other.  Conveying the story of this two-way effect is essential in the concept of interaction in your photograph. Albany Interclub topic.
  • Print (Monochromatic only) - Patriotic
    An image that depicts a patriotic theme.


29 June          

  • Projected 1  −  Creative Self Portrait
    The photographer’s interpretation.
  • Projected 2  −  Perspective
    Any image demonstrating an unusual perspective of the subject. 
  • Print  –  Fragile
    An image creating an impression or fragility.


27 July

  • Projected  –  Leading Lines
    The use of leading lines to direct the eye to the subject of the image.
  • Print (Monochromatic only)  –  Life After Dark
    An image that captures the impression of life after dark in an urban setting.


31 August

  • Projected  −  Glass
    Using the medium of glass to create an image.
  • Print  −  Shallow Depth of Field
    An image taken outdoors to demonstrate separation of the subject from the background or foreground.


28 September

  • Projected  −  Open
    The photographer’s choice of subject treated pictorially.
  • Print (Monochromatic only) −  Side Lighting
    The use of side lighting, natural or artificial, to add definition, depth and character to the subject of the image.


26 October  - (Please note our AGM will precede our regular club night activities this month)

  • Projected  –  The Letter “C”
    Any subject which creates a visual impression of the letter C.
  • Print  −  Creative / Illustrative
    Any photo-image which has been enhanced beyond what the camera captured, to create something new, rather than represent something in the real world.