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TOPIC: 2018 Schedule - July Topics

2018 Schedule - July Topics 16 Dec 2017 08:00 #4350

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Image that conveys the importance of tree or trees. You want to tie into seasonality, cultural significance, community and the world. Often a piece of a tree is fine.
Consider treating this topic as a portrait of the tree or group photo of trees. Which is the best angle or side of the tree, most interesting. Which is the best time of day or weather to photograph this side of the tree? Closeup or part or the tree or the full tree?
Odd Number
The use of the “odd rule” of composition. An image where the use of the odd numbers creates a powerful composition.
The Rule of Odds states that framing your subject with 2 surrounding objects (thus creating an odd number of 3) suggests balance and harmony visually. We tend to prefer balance and feel comfortable with these groupings of 3. Groups of 2 or 4 can sometimes create a sense of competition whereas the odd groupings tend to balance that a bit. This is a very subjective rule, but it does create balance.
Remember though that odd numbers really just refer to the number 3. Objects of 5 or more create more density than the viewer will perceive and the effect is null at that point. Larger numbers of objects, however can be divided visually into groupings of 3, thus bringing more cohesion to the composition.
So the rule of odds works because of the simplicity of low numbers – it relies on quick recognition of the situation to draw the eye into the picture and keep it working to find the balance.
The rule of odds plays out its role in composition in many ways. If you are looking to make a bigger impact then find a way to place an odd number of objects into your picture. An odd number provides more interest, more reason for the eye to search the picture. Remember, the ultimate aim is to draw the eye of the viewer into the shot and keep them looking and finding interest.
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2018 Schedule - July Topics 04 Jul 2018 08:51 #5003

Our judges for this month are:

projected - Ann Lance (WAPJA)

print - Anna Komarnyckyj (A local artist)
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