Club Night

The monthly club exhibition enables you to share photos with other members of the club.  It is also one of the best the tools we have to provide you with the opportunity to improve photography related skills from the camera, in the digital darkroom and in appreciation of photography as art. 

Members are asked for their ideas and from these, we create the Schedule of topics.  These topics may be of things you would never normally shoot, they may require you to use a camera technique that is new or different, it may also include a favourite subject.  We hope you enjoy the challenge.  

As well critique given on our images each month by the judges, points are awarded - Bronze (71-79 pooints), Silver (80-89 points), and Gold (90-100 points).

We would like to acknowledge and thank Bunbury Camera House as our sponsor.  Members are entitled to a 25% discount on Prints for Club Night Exhibition (on presentation of approved member card)

If you would like to print a hard copy of the 2019 schedule so you can put it in you bag, glove box on your fridge or wherever it is handy you can access it from the link at the end of this paragraph.  It is sized to be a trifold A4 document and shoud be set to print double sided. The printable schedule also has the Club Night Exhibition Rules on it.


click here to download 2019 printable pdf schedule


please note: Meetings are the generally the last Thursday of the month, however, due to unforseen circumstances, January 2019 meeting will now be Thursday 7 February.  Our apologies for any nconvenience.


NOTE: Topics may be colour or mono unless stated.

For more detailed definitions and discussion of the topics go to our Forum page under "Exhibition Topics" in the Index. 

Where there are two projected topics, please be aware of the naming convention for your uploaded images, as outlined on the reverse side of the Exhibition Schedule.


7 February

Projected – Relationships (Portraiture Click West Topic)

An image about the relationship between 2 or more people, a person/s and an animal, or a person and an object


Print – “From above” (Wagin Interclub topic)

An image taken from above, looking down on something, someone or somewhere. Taken anyhow from far away to close-up, by camera, drone or phone.

   28 February

Projected − Inorganic (Close Up / Macro Click West topic)

An image which displays detail not usually observable by the human eye of an inorganic subject


PrintAfter Sunset / Before Sunrise (Landscape Click West Topic)

An image about an environment, natural or manmade, captured after the sun has set or before it has risen.  A portion of the sky must be visible in the image.  People and/or animals may be included but must not be the subject or dominate the scene.

Mini Workshop 1 – Introduction to the year ahead & Personal Goal Setting

   28 March

ProjectedFishing WA (WAPF Competition Topic)

The theme is Fishing WA which encompasses anything related to fishing in Western Australia, such as fisher-persons, fishing boats, ocean fishing, beach fishing, river fishing.

Print (mono only) – Solitude (Monochromatic Click West Topic)

An image that gives the viewer the impression of being the only person in an environment.  The environment can be manmade or natural.  No people to be included in the image.


25 April

Projected – Australian Rural Life (Royal Show Topic)

Photographs must depict some aspect of modern agricultural activity or life on the land and can include people, animals and machinery in a rural environment. The photograph must have been taken in Australia.

Mini Workshop 2 – Guest Speaker – Planning a Shoot – Composition / Lighting


30 May

Projected − “Feel the Emotion” (Albany Interclub Topic)

An image using body language to show the emotion.  Not the face. It could be human, animal or birdlife.

Print – Open (Royal Show Topic)

Any subject treated pictorially i.e. embodying the elements of good design, arrangement or composition and which reflects the personal interpretation of the photographer, including ‘creative’ and ‘experimental’ techniques and derivations providing there is a photographic base.

27 June                    

Projected − Nature (Royal Show Topic)

Nature photography depicts living, untamed animals and uncultivated plants in a natural habitat, geology and the wide diversity of natural phenomena, from insects to icebergs. Photographs of animals which are domesticated, caged or under any form of restraint, as well as photographs of cultivated plants are ineligible…..

Mini Workshop 3 – Guest Speaker – Post Processing

25 July


An image that creates depth and/or mood through the subject of fog.

PrintHidden Bunbury

An image that reveals unfamiliar, out of sight Bunbury places or things.

29 August

Projected Performance

An image showing people associated with performance.

Mini Workshop 4 - Printing / Exhibition Readiness


26 September

Projected Slow-shutter speed

An image taken with a slow shutter speed (between 1 sec and 1/20th sec)

Print Open

As per 30 May Print open topic definition.


12th October – 15th December PGoB Exhibition

Opening night – Friday 11 October

Bunbury Regional Art Gallery

“Inspired by Light”

31 October - (Please note our AGM will precede our regular club night activities this month)

Projected Abstract (mono)

An image of colours and shapes that are not recognizable as known objects, although they may suggest an object or scene.


An image where the main subject is food.