Club Night

The monthly club exhibition enables you to share photos with other members of the club.  It is also one of the best the tools we have to provide you with the opportunity to improve photography related skills from the camera, in the digital darkroom and in appreciation of photography as art. 

Members are asked for their ideas and from these, we create the Schedule of topics.  These topics may be of things you would never normally shoot, they may require you to use a camera technique that is new or different, it may also include a favourite subject.  We hope you enjoy the challenge.  

As well critique given on our images each month by the judges, points are awarded - Bronze (71-79 points), Silver (80-89 points), and Gold (90-100 points).

We would like to acknowledge and thank Bunbury Camera House as our sponsor.  Members are entitled to a 25% discount on Prints for Club Night Exhibition (on presentation of approved member card)

If you would like to print a hard copy of the 2020 schedule so you can put it in you bag, glove box on your fridge or wherever it is handy you can access it from the link at the end of this paragraph.  It is sized to be a trifold A4 document and shoud be set to print double sided. The printable schedule also has the Club Night Exhibition Rules on it.


Please note: We are having problems uploading the pdf of the schedule here, but you can access it on the Forum under "Exhibition topics" tab - "2020 Exhibition Schedule - trifold"

We are working to resolve the problem asap - apologies for any inconvenience.


Please note: Meetings are the generally the last Thursday of the month, but please refer to the exhibition schedule.


NOTE: Topics may be colour or mono unless monochromatic only is specified. For more detailed definitions of each topic go to the Forum under the "Exhbition Topics" tab. 

Only 2 images per topic can be entered. Projected files must be named: Title_Member No_Month.jpg (month should be numerical)

Projected images should be more more than 1920 pixels wide or 1080 pixels high, resolution of 72ppi and not to exeed 1.5mb. 

Projected images to be uploaded via the website link under the "Members" tab no later than 11.59pm on the Friday immediately preceding club night.

Printed images should be at the club room by 7.10pm. Prints to be mat mounted and must not exceed 40x50cm.


30 January

Projected – Landscape ‘Open’ Landscape Click West Topic)

Any ‘scape’ that includes a component of the Earth’s surface.

Print – “On the Move” (Wagin Interclub topic)

An image showing anyone or anything on the move, moving, or being moved in any way. Photographers may choose to show, or freeze, the movement.

16 February – Bunbury Triathlon shoot

   27 February

Projected − Environmental (Portrait Click West Topic)

An image about a living person involved in an activity.

Print (mono only) – Street Photography (Mono Click West Topic)

An image about a chance encounter and/or random incident within a public place.

15 March – Camera Craft 101 workshop

26 March - Please note March meeting has been cancelled. Projected topic can still be up-loaded and will be judged and results posted in the Forum. The March print topic has been moved to July.

Projected − “Entice Me” (Albany Interclub Topic)

An image where the main subject is food.

Mini-Workshop – Paul Irvine – Macro Photography- Cancelled

30 April - via Zoom meeting

Projected - topic 1 - – Story-telling – “Aging”

Love it or hate it, aging is something we all experience. Tell us a story of aging in a single image.

Projected - topic 2 - In My View topic - "Searching"

Please note: April print topic - "Current Events" has been moved to July club night.

16 / 17 May – Weekend Outing – New Norcia - CANCELLED

28 May - via Zoom meeting

Projected 1 - Close-Up / Macro - Living Thing/s (Close Up Ciick West Topic)
An image that reflects the small / fine detail of a living thing (excluding humans).

Projected 2  – Open (Colour - Print West Topic)

Any subject treated pictorially ie. embodying the elements of good design, arrangement or composition and which reflects the personal interpretation of the photographer, including ‘creative’ and ‘experimental’ techniques and derivations providing there is a photographic base.

25 June - via Zoom meeting

Projected 1 - (mono only) − Open (Mono – Print West Topic)

Any subject treated pictorially ie. embodying the elements of good design, arrangement or composition and which reflects the personal interpretation of the photographer, including ‘creative’ and ‘experimental’ techniques and derivations providing there is a photographic base.

Projected 2 – Composition – Fill the Frame

Use this technique in the composition of your image to isolate your subject and create interest.

28 June – Fungi Field Trip - weather permitting - tba



Projected – Fungi (Manjimup Photo Club Competition Topic)

An image where the main subject is fungi.

Print – Inspiration – Current Events

An image showing what is happening in the world today? Be inspired by current events. Think local, state, national or international.


Mini Workshop - Low-light Photography (Chris De Blank) - postponed till later date tba


27 August

Projected − Wet Weather / Rain

An image showing anything to do with rain as the main theme. It doesn’t have to be raining at the time but plenty of evidence it has rained eg. reflections, pools, puddles, people interacting with the rain, effects of a downpour.

Print – Story-telling – “Warmth”

An image telling a story that makes the viewer feel warm inside.

12 / 13 September – Weekend Outing - Dryandra

24 September

Projected − “Impact”

An image showing any subject that results in an impact of some kind. Staged or random images, potential collision of objects are allowed if seconds before impact, and not just the actual collision. No dangerous activities please just to get the shot, other words no crazy stuff. Explosions or implosions. Collision and Impact are interchangeable in this brief.

Mini-Workshop – Paul Irvine – Macro Photography


29 October - (Please note our AGM will precede our regular club night activities this month)

Projected (mono only) – Composition – Rule of Odds

An image using the rule of odds in an urbanscape/ architecture photo.

Print – Multiple Exposure

An emotive image created using multiple exposures. Emotive means ‘arousing or able to arouse intense feeling’. Can be in-camera or using editing software.