Rules and Guidelines for Club Night Exhibitions

Only financial members of the Photography Group of Bunbury are eligible to participate.

All photography and artwork (post processing) must be wholly the work of the Entrant.

A member may enter up to 2 images in each category (unless otherwise stated for a particular exhibition). 

A photo (print or digital image) cannot be used in more than one category on a single club night.

A print/digital image awarded Gold or Silver, cannot be entered in any other future club night exhibition.

The Committee and/or Judge reserve the right to remove images that do not conform to the definition or the rules.

All entries must be correctly named, sized and titled - you cannot use the topic as your title.

Definition of MONO (Monochromatic) is, an image that is Black & White or any shade of a SINGLE colour.

All awarded MONO images must be prefixed with an M when they are uploaded ie M_Award_TOpic_Title_Your_Name.jpg. This will help determine which awarde images will be considered for mono image of the year

  1. Projected Images
    The file must be named Title_Member No_Month.jpg (please show month as a number eg _01 for January, do not use the topic name as your title)
    The image is to be sized no more than 1920 pixels wide and no more than 1080 pixels high with a resolution of 72ppi.   The file size must not exceed 1.5mb.
    Entries must be received by the Exhibition Coordinator no later than 11.59pm on the Friday immediately preceding club night.
    In months when there are two Projected topics the file's uploaded for Topic 1 must be named P1_Title_Member No_Month.jpg, Topic 2 images will be named P2_Title_Member No_Month.jpg

  2. Prints
    On club night, prints are to be registered with the Exhibition Coordinator) before 7.10pm.
    A print must be mat mounted and must not exceed 40x50cm, including the mount.
    The member's name, member number and the title of the print must be written on the back, bottom left hand corner of the mat.

Image Appraisal on Club Night

Images will be appraised by judges on some occasions and by members on others and may be given recognition by way of a Bronze, Silver or Gold award.

As a guideline

Bronze Award - an image that the judge considers to be above the expected average for a photography club.  This picture indicates that the photographer is developing their craft and on the right track.  Areas associated with skill and technique need improvement (in camera or in post production) eg composition, sharpness, technique, print quality…

Silver Award  - the image is of a superior standard and demonstrates high-level craft and skill.  With a little fine-tuning or small effort could be Gold.

Gold Award - a picture that is technically exceptionally strong.  In addition, Gold would be awarded to a picture that shows the coming together of high level photographic skills and artistry.  The photo has superb visual appeal.  The judge would consider it worthy for entry to external competitions 

The Website Gallery

During the week immediately following club night, Awarded images should be uploaded so that the webmaster can add them to the website gallery.

The filename cannot include spaces as the image will not upload to the gallery
The file must be named Award_Topic_Title_YourName.jpg Eg Silver_Landscape_The_Big_Picture_Denise_Aitken.jpg
The file is be sized 1920 pixels wide or 1080 pixels high with a resolution of 72ppi and must not exceed 1.5mb.
The files should be uploaded via the website link on the Gallery Page

All awarded MONO images must be prefixed with an M when they are uploaded ie M_Award_TOpic_Title_Your_Name.jpg. This will help determine which awarde images will be considered for mono image of the year

End of Year Awards

Members accumulate points from participating in exhibitions throughout the year. The members with the highest number of points will be recognised at the end of the year.
1 point for each image entered
2 points for a Bronze Award
4 points for a Silver Award
6 points for a Gold Award

Gold, Silver and Bronze awarded images displayed in the current year's Gallery will be collated into colour and mono collections. The collections will be judged to award a Colour and a Mono Image of the Year.