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TOPIC: 2019 Schedule - March Topics

2019 Schedule - March Topics 11 Jan 2019 11:08 #5441

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Fishing WA (WAPF Competition Topic)
The theme is Fishing WA which encompasses anything related to fishing in Western Australia, such as fisher-persons, fishing boats, ocean fishing, beach fishing, river fishing.
There are plenty of overly set-up fishing photos in the world. There’s one word to describe these: boring. Don’t just grab the camera when the angler is holding the fish, stay on your toes and try to capture a candid moment for an authentic, action-packed shot.
Composition is key here.
Consider the use of a circular polarising filter, the circular filter allows you to tune away glare from the surface of the water, the haze in the air of the distant landscape, and the glare on a shiny fish.

Solitude (Monochromatic Click West Topic)
An image that gives the viewer the impression of being the only person in an environment. The environment can be manmade or natural. No people to be included in the image.
NOTE: Just a thought. Solitude does not necessarily mean sadness, so an image of solitude can convey sadness but also tranquillity, peace etc.,
We think of solitude as a kind of loneliness; but consider solitude in the light of a particular kind of awareness, a particular kind of connection to the natural world, being alone in nature. When considering this kind of solitude, particularly how it may relate to experiencing nature and connecting to it through a photographic image.
You can treat this topic as a minimalist image be it landscape or any other vast expansive areas that invoke vastness.
The mood of the image can also contribute towards the melancholy and feeling of loneliness.
Very early morning street photography without people can convey the feeling of loneliness.
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2019 Schedule - March Topics 17 Jan 2019 07:39 #5469

Fantastic Dennis - You have hit the nail on the head with your interpretation of Solitude

With Fishing, it includes anything associated with fishing - you don't need to see an angler. It could be for example craypots, fishing bags or any equipment, fishing boats. Hopefully, people will explore alternatives so we don't have hundreds of 'similar' angler photos.
Denise Aitken
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