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2020 Schedule - April Topics

18 Dec 2019 16:40 - 27 Mar 2020 16:42 #6637 by Bear
2020 Schedule - April Topics was created by Bear
Projected – Story-telling – “Aging”
Love it or hate it, aging is something we all experience. Tell us a story of aging in a single image.

Topic implies aging of a living thing; not inanimate objects and I stand to be corrected if not.
The elderly members of our communities are some of our greatest assets. They have seen the roar of change, the cruelty or war, the upset of recession, and the power in our humanity at work. Photographing them gives us a chance to capture the history they have witnessed and participated in but there are some distinctive challenges that are paired with reaping these benefits. Here are some tips to make photographing elderly people an overall smoother experience.
By giving them options, you'll let them know that you care about their voice and aren't just there for the pictures.
1. Include Their Loved Ones in Your Photos.
2. Give Them Something to Have Fun With.
3. Use Natural Light.
4. Don't Be Afraid of Silliness.
5. Don't Photograph Their Faces All the Time.
6. Give them space, use 85mm lens upwards but that is quite normal for portraiture.
7. Communicate with them, listen to their stories, they will also be interested in your story and what you are up to.
8. capture them as people and not just as subjects.
9. For the most part use soft light which detracts from harsh lines etc., However, older people fall into two categories. The first are those people who don’t really want to look old. They want to look wise but youthful and those people do not want portraits that highlight laugh lines or crow’s feet. The second type are those older people who consider the marks of their age as a badge of every success and failure, every laugh laughed and sob wept. They are also the minority and they will let you know if they want portraits that accent their scars and age spots.
10. Be mindful of glare on glasses.
11. Flip the coin and decide for yourself whether you’d love to photograph the formally posed portrait or would like to tell the story through your photographs. If you inform the subject that you are about to click the photograph, they become serious, wear unnatural expression or simply shy in front of the camera. Whereas capturing the shots when the subject is engaged in telling you stories or is busy doing some work make for great shots. Contextual, environmental and family portraiture also works well with old people. For instance, an old lady sewing sweater for her grandchildren, old men talking politics and current state of affairs or grandparents together playing with kids look more naturally.
12. Pick up your camera and get ready to take the shots that capture the essence of older generation. Turn on life for them, turn on life for yourself photograph the funny instances, some cool stuff and serious side of your subject — The Older People.

Projected 2 – Projected – In my view Topic
Projected – “Searching” (In My View Topic)
Before writing up about the topic “Searching” I want to remind you all that this is the “In My View” topic for the WAPF book competition.
In My View is a competition that aims to demonstrate how the story of a photograph may be seen through the eye of the beholder. Amateur photographers will be encouraged to submit their best work, specifically photographs they believe tell a great story. Twenty entries will be selected and writers will then be invited to write a story in prose or poetry for one or more of the photographs. The resultant body of work, twenty photographs each with an accompanying story, will then be published as a high-quality photo-book. Each finalist will get a copy of this book as part of the prize pool.
In very simple terms in this competition the selected images are published in a book besides a story matched through a writer’s competition. Check out the WAPF website and look up the “In My View” competition for information and rules.
NOTE: This is not a club competition it is for you as an individual to enter.
If you want your image to be successful in this competition, I suggest that the emphasis of the image and your creativity produce an image that tells a story and inspires the imagination of writers. This would make a successful image in partnership with a writer.
Remember, that in “In My View” Competition the images end up in a book, each selected image the photographer gets a book and there is also 1st, 2nd & 3rd image prices and also a price for the image selected for the cover.
NOTE: It is about the cover image that I would like to add a special note, remember that the cover is going to have text, hence an image that allows for clear space, “negative space” for the text to be inserted without cluttering the image or text will stand a good chance of being selected for the cover and extra price.

This is a topic that calls for your imagination and creativity.
Remember this is appropriate to human beings, animals, insects etc.,
If you are finding it difficult to get ideas for the topic start thinking of which objects imply to you searching or looking for something, investigating.
For example:
Items: Items that imply searching: binoculars, telescopes, books, magnifying glass, animals sniffing, feet, shoes, bags, backpacks.
Actions: Actions movements, postures that imply looking for something or searching.
Also thinks of images that can make a social statement, there is enough grief in the world to inspire anyone to create an image to emphasizes this topic.

Print – Inspiration – Current Events
An image showing what is happening in the world today? Be inspired by current events. Think local, state, national or international.

NOTE: This topic has been moved to July due to COVID-19 The schedule has now been changed to suit.

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21 Mar 2020 10:55 #6982 by Jodie D
Replied by Jodie D on topic 2020 Schedule - April Topics
Question around the definition of "Ageing" topic - where it says 'in a single image' - can that be a series of images composed into a single image - say like a grid formation or a composite image????

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24 Mar 2020 13:43 - 24 Mar 2020 13:46 #6991 by MikeB
Replied by MikeB on topic 2020 Schedule - April Topics
Tryptich?? Also, my view is that aging is not restricted to people only, thoughts?

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25 Mar 2020 08:14 #6993 by KyleaH
Replied by KyleaH on topic 2020 Schedule - April Topics
That exact thought crossed my mind too regarding whether or not it had to be 'people' Mike. Would love some clarification on that.

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25 Mar 2020 16:56 #6997 by Richard H
Replied by Richard H on topic 2020 Schedule - April Topics
looking at the trifold schedule, there is no mention that it has to be a person,
neither does it imply that it is actually of a living thing
my take on it is, it could be a shipwreck that is rusting away over time, could be wrong though.
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26 Mar 2020 21:14 #7004 by Jodie D
Replied by Jodie D on topic 2020 Schedule - April Topics
The committee has had a chat about the Ageing topic and agree that it does not have to be an image of a person. It can be of an object or anything that tells the story of 'ageing'

Please if you haven't yet taken your images, please be mindful of shooting aged people in our community and families. At this point in time we do know they are most vulnerable to the virus and it goes without saying that we do not want to compromise their health for our photograph.
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