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2021 Schedule - October Topics

14 Dec 2020 10:15 #7558 by Bear
2021 Schedule - October Topics was created by Bear
Projected (mono only) – Wheels
An image where the main subject is a wheel of some description.

What classifies as a wheel –
1. A disk or circular frame that can turn on a central point.
2. Something that is round a wheel of cheese.
3. Steering wheel with hands tightly gripping the wheel.
4. Something having a wheel as its main part a spinning wheel.
5. A circular frame or disk arranged to revolve on an axis, as on or in vehicles or machinery.
6. Any machine, apparatus, instrument, etc., shaped like this or having a circular frame, disk, or revolving drum as an essential feature: a potter's wheel; roulette wheel; spinning wheel, roulette, Ferris wheel, tires etc.,

Wheels are all around us, the real issue is how to use wheels or a wheel in photography that will make the image interesting or tells a story. How best to represent wheels photographically, abstract, moving or implying movement, in patterns, textures. What they are attached to could also add to the narrative and story of the wheel.

Print – Emerging
An image showing something emerging. Could be a flower emerging from a bud or an insect emerging from a plant, a bird emerging from an egg; something emerging from somewhere. Think outside the box.

My general feeling about this topic is that it can be most creative and does have a lot of scope with this topic. However, I have found it difficult to write guidance notes on it as the topic “Emerging” is quite self-explanatory.
Having said that with the Covid-19 year we have had and still having representing “emerging” form quarantine is also valid if it can be captured and the story is expressed so that the judge “gets it”.
A building partly finished can also be “emerging”.
Emerging means something close to sprouting — when you think of this word, think "growing."
So, I will start with the Definition of emerging:
Becoming Prominent, Newly Formed, emergent, rising, coming out, appearing, coming into view, becoming visible, making an appearance, springing up, surfacing, popping up, arising, becoming apparent, entering the picture.
Like most topics the main thing is being creative, create and interpretation of “emerging” that creates a story even if it an obvious “emerging” image of a flower bud etc., as long as it si executed well I am sure it would be most valid and do well.

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