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Photo size for club night

23 Mar 2021 10:35 #7812 by CarolR
Photo size for club night was created by CarolR
Good morning 
I would like to display two photos on club night this week. I have the mats but I would like to know what size photo to print. Also can someone recommend the best place price and quality wise to get my photos printed. I am heading to Bunbury today. 
Thanks in advance. 
kind regards 
Carol Robertson
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23 Mar 2021 12:16 #7813 by Richard H
Replied by Richard H on topic Photo size for club night
Hi Carol
the largest print that you can have is the size of the largest allowable mat which is 40 x 50 cm but then you will have no surround to the print, I have never seen it done either as the cost would be horrific. 
The smallest print would be governed by the rule that there must be a minimum of 400 square cm visible ie 20 cm x 20 cm or 10 cm x 40 cm for easy math.
Most print houses though print in inches, a common size to print is 8x12 which is similar to A4 or 8x10 or larger if you wish, this will depend on the ratio that you have cropped to if at all you have cropped the image. If you have not cropped then most people have their cameras set to the 2x3 ratio which is why the 8x12 is popular it is also not too expensive.
Camera House sponsor the club and as long as the image is for club night comp and you show the card that you where given when you joined you will get a discount on your prints, the quality is pretty good too (talk to Harry, Ian or Christian). Some get their images printed at Officeworks (quality can be hit and miss) Harvey Norman (usually ok) or Fred Snow (talk to Jo) who are in the same building as the Framers in Cornwall Street. A reasonable percentage of the group print their own at home.
I hope this helps, if you wish to discuss my number is 0466224703
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