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31 Jan 2020 14:37 #6762 by AlanS
Exhibitions was created by AlanS
As a new member I have a question that I would like to put to the committee for consideration?

Having recently relocated from South Africa where I was a member of a club in Cape Town I have tried to compare how both clubs operate when it comes to their competition/exhibition evenings.
Looking through the subjects offered by the club over the next 10 months I have found the topics to be a little too restrictive with very few covering the subject & style of photography that I wish to pursue.

The club in South Africa would have two sections each night for both Projected & Printed subjects.
The first was the clubs Set Subject and the second an Open Section.
The Set Subject is as your exhibition style and members would have to comply with the specified subject.
The Open Section allowed those members who felt that the Set Subject was too restrictive and did not embrace their Genre to submit photographs more in line with their style & strengths.
Both Sections were exhibited in the same way with the same marking system.

Would you think this type of Exhibition/Competition style be considered?
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01 Feb 2020 08:51 #6766 by Bear
Replied by Bear on topic Exhibitions
Alan, This is just my opinion on the present schedule, this year we have on an "Open" topic in May but in past years we have had an "Open" topic included in other months but never as a recurring topic for every month. The intent of our schedule is to pick a varied amount of topics in order to encourage our members to try different styles and get them out of their comfort zones so they learn and improve on their photography. This year the topics match external competitions in WA and from the WAPF. The intent is to encourage our members, especially the ones which need motivation, to enter external competitions. Hope this helps with understanding the intent behind our proposed schedule. Dennis
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03 Feb 2020 14:49 #6768 by AlanS
Replied by AlanS on topic Exhibitions
Hi Dennis,
Thank you for taking the time to respond to my question and while I respect your opinion, I feel that for me personally the current format is a little too restrictive. While I understand that the club is trying to expand the horizons of its members by introducing a diversity of subjects, I feel that the “One Size Fits All,” disadvantages members who have a particular Genre (or two) that they wish to pursue.
Personally, I do not enjoy Portraits, Macro or Street photography which immediately disadvantages me when it comes to Exhibition nights as I would probably only be able to showcase my work and have it marked once in a calendar year.
That I’m afraid would do very little to improve the areas of photography that I wish to improve on.
For these reasons, I would seriously have to weigh up the benefits of membership with Bunbury Photographic Club.
I sincerely hope that you understand my point of view and that I mean no offence or disrespect to the committee in any way.
Alan Simm
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05 Feb 2020 11:00 #6785 by Bear
Replied by Bear on topic Exhibitions
There is no offence taken, I just tried to explain my thoughts on it. I suggest you talk to someone else int he club like Mike Baker our President and discuss with him, all our members opinion are valued and respected.
Appreciate your frankness and contribution, please do not take my comments as gospel as there are many others that might have the same views as you.
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05 Feb 2020 17:07 #6793 by Jodie D
Replied by Jodie D on topic Exhibitions
Thank Alan for your post and questions.

A few points I'd like to add (although not a definitive answer at all just my thoughts).

We do ask for members input for exhibition topics towards the end of the year and these are the topics used to create the next years schedule. We encourage input from all members.

We do try to include open topics throughout the year and have two this year. Im curious as to what style you prefer?

As you can see we have issues with space to exhibit images that two print topics a month would become difficult. It also requires too much time of one judge to critique two topics on a night. We would be there til much too late.

We have dropped the print topic for three of the months this year completely to allow time for some mini-workshops / presentations.

We could do two projected topics a month (and April is set up like this) but then the difficulty is getting enough judges to be available to judge the topics and provide the written feedback. If you have any links to judges from your old club I would be greatly pleased to get their details :)

These are my thoughts of the dilemmas faced by the committee in setting the exhibition schedule. Many of us have our own preferences of what to shoot but accept the challenges of shooting outside our comfort and preference or skip exhibiting and just enjoy the images of others.

Hope that helps a little.

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