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TOPIC: Mirrorless cameras

Mirrorless cameras 14 Aug 2016 19:23 #2830

Hi all
I am seriously looking at changing my camera from the current Canon 7D to a lighter option - thinking about a mirror less..
As much as I love the 7D options it is just too heavy for me to carry around & accentuates my fine tremor ..
I've been to Camera Electronic & looked at the Olympus, Sony & Fuji mirrorless rage... I really like the idea of being able to hire from Camera Electronic - they have a daily,weekend or week hire option.
I've read & re read on various websites..and am now wondering who in the club owns a mirroless ( Denise & Heather I think you do) & do you have any comments- positive or negative../regrets?
I understand I'l be on steep learning curve ( am I ever off it!!)
be interested to hear any viewpoints/comments
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Mirrorless cameras 14 Aug 2016 21:17 #2831

Wow Wendy,great minds think alike! I was just about to post the same question myself - thinking about mirrorless but would like to stick with full frame so don't know if that limits me. Looking forward to hearing some feedback.
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Mirrorless cameras 15 Aug 2016 15:22 #2832

Hi Wendy and Michelle,
I have absolutely no regrets about going mirrorless but then again I went fom a point and shoot and never considered DSLR. For me I loved the convenience of a point and shoot and how the size meant that I took my camera with me. I know that if I had gone for a large and heavy system, more likely than not I would end up leaving it at home more often than not.

I bought into the Olympus system fairly early (I have the Olympus Pen3), and would certainly like to go for a more recent model if I had the funds. Mine is now quite basic compared to the range out there now and it is not full frame. I like the Olympus but I don't think they have gone full frame even in their most recent models. - A number of companies went for the Micro4/3 system which allowed lens's from several makes to be used which was an advantage, but now if I change to a full frame mirrorless I won't be able to use any of my lenses. (No huge loss I guess because I only have 1 prime lens.)
Denise has gone for a full frame mirrorless so her information will be more relevant. I don't know how hers compares in size and weight to mine.
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Mirrorless cameras 18 Aug 2016 20:27 #2843

thanks Heather- I look forward to seeing you on Sunday & maybe I can have a hold & look more closeness at your Olympus..
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Mirrorless cameras 18 Aug 2016 22:02 #2844

HI Wendy (and others interested)

I moved to a Sony A7ii Full Frame mirrorless system in May 2015 and there is nothing I regret about it.

I loved my Canon 7D and it was a very hard decision to move to a different system and to have the confidence to get rid of my Canon. I had been waiting for Canon to release FF mirrorless as it was rumoured that they would in March 2015, but they only released a new APS version - I new I wanted FF.

I have bought into Olympus micro 4/3 a few years ago for travel and I invested in the good lenses to go with it. It is much smaller than the Sony and the size was lovely but I did not like the quality of the images I was getting (obviously comparing to my 7D, which produced fantastic low light results). I know others who produce great images from the Olympus (OMD-EM5, which is outdated now), but it didn't suit me so the sort of photography I like to shoot when traveling.

The Sony A7 range are not a small camera, which makes it very nice to handle and you still have something of substance to hold. Wiith a walk around lens on it, it is about 2/3 the weight of the 7D. You can get an adapter so that you can use Canon lenses if you want and I did to start, but it is not practical for hand held shots. I only have my Canon 100mm macro left - it's perfect as I only ever shoot macro on the tripod and manually focus.

To really appreciate the difference make sure you have your Canon and regular lens with you - to hold them and to be able to compare them side by side 'in the flesh' is something you really need to do. You can read the specs but it does not have the same impact.

My word of advice is if you are going to invest in the Sony A7ii, buy the best lens as your walk around/everyday lens and that is the Zeiss 24-70 (rather than the Sony 28-70 that can be sold as kit).

In my opinion, the Sony is lovely to use and functions are easy to find.
Denise Aitken
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Mirrorless cameras 19 Aug 2016 07:21 #2848

Thanks for your feedback Heather and Denise - I have now had the chance to compare Denise's Sony to my Canon 6d - and I love it! (I still love my Canon but find it way too heavy to use other than on a tripod so that will become a home body and the Sony a gadabout!
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Mirrorless cameras 19 Aug 2016 14:49 #2849


HI Wendy

I am an unashamed Fujifilm lover. We are onto our second Fuji XT-1 here at work.

Whilst I still use the Canon's for sport work, most of the day to day "grunt" work is done with the Fuji's....in fact our range of Fuji's extends tothe following:


Recently in Camera Magazine July-August they announced the TIPA Awards for 2016. The following were rated:
Fujifilm XT-10 - Best Mirrorless CSC Entry Level
Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II - Best Mirrorless CSC Advanced
Fujifilm X-Pro2 - Best Mirrorless CSC Expert
Sony Alpha A7rII - Best mirrorless CSC Professional

I find the Fuji's exceptionally easy to use and great for travel as they are light.

I still need to use the Canon's for sport coverage.

Like Denise said, if you do move to Mirrorless don't scrimp on good lenses. You are better off getting one good pro quality lens than 2 x kit lenses. All the XF series of lenses are considered Pro level. I do also have friends in the professional market using the Sony exclusively and also Leica...but end of the day it comes down to budget. Happy for you to look at the range of kit we have at any time.
I will attach the screenshot from Camera Magazine to here or seperately.
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Mirrorless cameras 23 Aug 2016 17:32 #2856

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thank you for this feedback. Always interesting to hear from people using "new" technology.
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The following user(s) said Thank You: Denise

Mirrorless cameras 29 Aug 2016 15:36 #2872

A belated grateful thanks for your responses & details.. esp Denise & Ash..... In some ways we are spoilt for choice!
I will still take you up on your offer Denise -
i just rechecked the hire rates from Camera Electronic- $300 for a weekend for the Sony -or $200/day.
Olympus is $132 /weekend.... so I will keep reading/ & narrow my choices. I like the look of the Sony grip -
I'll be in touch for a look at your cameras
thanks again
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