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TOPIC: Update for ClickWest Inorganic

Update for ClickWest Inorganic 04 Mar 2019 08:33 #5656

Hi all
To those of you who attended Club on Thursday, you will know that we had a bit of a discussion about the judge's interpretation on how close you had to be to the subject for it is meet the requirements of this topic. The Category is Close Up, it is not Macro or Super Macro as WAPF have always recognised that not all members have specialist lenses and/or other specialist equipment.

The official WAPF view has been clarified in the Newsletter sent out last night and is also on the WAPF website. The definition for the topic has not changed but an additional note has been added which says

"Not usually observable by the human eye does not mean we can't see it with the naked eye. We are looking for fine detail that might otherwise be overlooked or taken for granted. The category is closeup, not restricted to macro or photomicrography."

The regular WAPF news generally come out monthly, special editions may happen from time if something important has missed a regular edition, but it shouldn't happen very often. If you don't get the WAPF news you can access old editions from WAPF site and sign up. WAPF News

There has been lots of discussion about what is an isn't considered to be inorganic, but there are a couple presented the other night that I don't think would be accepted by ClickWest. Plastics and paint would probably not get accepted. (there could be exceptions, but the author would have to know the science that would make their particular subject an exception)
Denise Aitken
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