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TOPIC: We need to freshen up our web home page

We need to freshen up our web home page 04 Mar 2019 09:25 #5658

Hi everyone
I am inviting you to submit some images for our home page carouse (maybe I'm even begging a little). There have been a few added over the last year, but most are very old.

Have a look for some suitable images. It is a little tricky in that the height is very restrictive and we have a large banner. What that means is that your detail needs to be very low in the frame and that the top half shouldn't have anything important in it as it will be hidden by the banner. Before you start selecting your images have a look at the home page slide show to get a feel for how things need to be placed within the frame.

You should crop the image using the ration 12x5 and Export it as 1200 pixels x 500 pixels.

If you hover over the word MEMBERS on the navigation bar, the first dropdown is the form you can use to upload your images
Denise Aitken
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