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Although some of us know each, we have lots of new members who don't and as this forum is a new addition to our website we are all new to it.

Please introduce yourself and tell us a little about why you joined the club, the camera or cameras you use, what you use for post processing and what sort of photos you like to take.Tell us and our members who you are, what you like and why you became a member of this site.

Hi from Brian

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27 Sep 2015 11:50 #1862 by Brian
Hi from Brian was created by Brian
I've been a member since the beginning of the year and have got to most club nights but have not previously posted to the forum. It was suggested last Thursday that's it's never to late to introduce yourself so here goes!
I've taken pictures my whole life but never considered myself a photographer. Now that I've reached the stage of life where I have more time I would like to learn as much as I can and start to take better photos. My main interests are travel, nature, architecture and street photography.
My next aim is to actually start submitting some photos on club night. Up until now I've been a bit intimidated by the high standard but, I guess, nothing ventured nothing gained.

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27 Sep 2015 12:57 #1863 by Heather
Replied by Heather on topic Hi from Brian
Hi Brian,
Nice to hear from you on the forum. As a fellow member, who doesn't intimidate anyone with the quality of her images, I can only say it is only by jumping in you learn how to swim.!! A quick way to improve is to learn from mistakes and a bit of praise now and then is very encouraging. A good judges comments are very helpful but so are comments from fellow members. It is tough when an image you really like has its flaws pointed out but in the end we can still like it regardless of technical weaknesses.
I can honestly say that by joining the committee I started to participate more. When I first joined the committee I only had a point and shoot so expertise obviously wasn't necessary. What it did do, was allow me to mix more often with those better than me. I don't know how much has rubbed off in the end but I have had a lot of fun along the way.
I have narrowed down my interest in photography to "Outdoors". Not very narrow! I guess it is a way to avoid using a lot of flash and specialist lighting, but more to the point I love being outdoors and I like what I find and see outdoors. It works for me.
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27 Sep 2015 16:02 #1869 by Chris dB
Replied by Chris dB on topic Hi from Brian
Hi Brian, glad to hear that you'll be submitting images sometime in the near future. My images were shocking when I first started with the club but it was because I submitted images every month that I improved. It's good to hear critique on other people's images but nothing beats hearing it on your own. It is usually easier to relate to what they are saying and has more meaning. Made me determined to go out there and do it better the next time.

Cheers Chris
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  • wendyp
30 Sep 2015 06:44 #1874 by wendyp
Replied by wendyp on topic Hi from Brian
Ditto to the above comments re taking the plunge & submitting entries! I still feel if I and/or someone else can learn from one of my not so great creations then its contributing to the growth of the membership!! Look forward to seeing you take this step Brian!

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04 Oct 2015 09:14 #1892 by Denise
Replied by Denise on topic Hi from Brian
Hi Brian
Very happy to hear your news and looking forward to seeing your images. There are very VERY few exceptions of members who have joined begin skilled photographers - our new Peter is probably the only one currently that springs to my mind. I certainly started at the beginning, it's just that we've been around longer.

Many others have only just started on their journey. Once you start sharing, that is how you will improve the fastest. My goal when I joined was to take a better photo, so to start I purely concentrated on getting strong composition within the view viewfinder. I had absolutely no interest in post processing. The difference between us is time - I was where you are 7 years ago, I have just moved along the path a bit further and loving it more everyday (even if it still frustrates me)

Bit the bullet and just go for it

Denise Harrison
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