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Although some of us know each, we have lots of new members who don't and as this forum is a new addition to our website we are all new to it.

Please introduce yourself and tell us a little about why you joined the club, the camera or cameras you use, what you use for post processing and what sort of photos you like to take.Tell us and our members who you are, what you like and why you became a member of this site.

Hi From Karen Mathews

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08 Feb 2016 11:10 #2248 by Karen M
Hi From Karen Mathews was created by Karen M
HI My name is Karen Mathews,
I am a new member to the group.
I like to do landscape, portrait and night/painting with light.
I have just recently upgraded camera to a canon 6d, which I love but am still learning how to use it.
I have joined the group hoping to learn a lot more about my camera and how to improve my photography skills. Also would love to know how to use photoshop a but more. Also to meet people that have the same interests as me,

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08 Feb 2016 12:25 #2250 by Chris dB
Replied by Chris dB on topic Hi From Karen Mathews
Hi Karen, welcome aboard.

Cheers Chris
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09 Feb 2016 06:27 #2254 by Denise
Replied by Denise on topic Hi From Karen Mathews
Hi Karen

Welcome to the group. I was a Canon user but changed over to Sony last year for a larger sensor in a smaller camera. There are plenty of people around the group that will give you a hand if you get stuck and this forum is a great place to ask questions.

I use Lightroom to process my images (at a guess I would say that majority of members do). I have had Photoshop for years but it is only just very recently that I have been playing around and exploring it more, but it is so huge it is overwhelming sometimes. If you are only starting out with post processing my recommendation would be to start in Lightroom and when you are confident in using it, then go to PS. Lots of helpers in club to give you Lightroom tops.

I hope you will participate in the regular club night exhibitions, they really are the best way to learn. The other tip is to challenge yourself to shoot new images for the exhibitions rather than going back and selecting from old ones you may have on file. That way you will be building both shooting skills and post.

Denise Harrison
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  • APearce
11 Feb 2016 13:34 #2257 by APearce
Replied by APearce on topic Hi From Karen Mathews
HI Karen

I to am a Canon user (7D & 5dmkiii) but have also branched out into using the mirrorless Fujifilm systems as I find it a lot easier carrying a camera for work at 1kg than 3-4kgs.

In terms of learning more about Photoshop, as you saw with Christian Fletcher there is some amazing things you can do, just from basic fixes to complete overhauls. THe club has a discount option for Fletch's training subscriptions that if you contact me directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. I can give you the discount coupon code.


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11 Feb 2016 22:33 #2259 by Heather
Replied by Heather on topic Hi From Karen Mathews
Welcome Karen,
Not a Photoshop or Canon user so can't help you learn about your new camera or PS processing, but happy to help with anything to do with our monthly exhibitions, and encourage you to join in any activities that members get involved in. Socially it is great and I find that more experienced members are generous with tips and tricks!
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  • Lyn
13 Feb 2016 17:51 #2262 by Lyn
Replied by Lyn on topic Hi From Karen Mathews
Welcome Karen,

Glad you have joined the group and hope you enjoy your photographic journey with other likeminded people.

Denise has made a good point about Lightroom being a good software program to start with.

I use Lightroom and also Photoshop Elements so might possibly be able to assist with low level processing questions.

There are plenty of Canon users in the Club (not me) who I am sure would be happy to assist you.

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