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Membership fees are $45 per year, plus $4 each club night (or you can pay $40 for the club night fees up front). Family membership is $80 plus $40 per person yearly door fee or $4 per person per night, and Junior membership is $15 (plus club night door fees).

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Important Club Documents

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Privacy Act Statement

Visitor Policy 

All About Our Club

This document tells you about our club.  It has some history, some rules, info about committee positions, the things we own and others things that we think a member should know about how our club works.

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Would you like more information on our members?

Many of our members have their own web pages and as photography enthusiasts they may be available to assist you with your photography requirements.

The links below will take you to members' personal websites where you can find contact information.

Chris de Blank   Click here to visit Chris's new webpage - Chris De Blank Photography

Jill Harrison - Life Images by Jill -  Click here to visit Jill's webpage - LIfe Images by Jill

Matt P - Click here to visit Matt's website - The Scratched Lens